Expeditions of Amazing Adventure

A long while back I was skimming through a graphic novel compilation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and was enjoying Moore’s addendum narrating other tales of the League. I was inspired using a similar style as a post title (admittedly most I made were pretty bad examples of alliteration). Further I thought it would be a fun creative exercise to think up interesting fantasy locales as a regular series. In the end, I wanted to give DMs an interesting location, or cultures, laced with a few adventure ideas. So in a pinch they could get some inspiration for their games. The following is a list of posts I’ve put up on this blog:

The secluded Sactum

The bustling bazaar of Kashgor

Rogalarr and its shoals of ruinous rock

The arid tomb of the arcane practitioner, Al’Khameed

The virid woods of Vayndaar

The cavernous archives of the Coreldor arcane library

The titan footsteps of the tundra wastes

The cabalistic clay of Domneran Canyon

The shifting pillars of Porphimia

The arbor temples of Adryia

The twisting trade route of the Tahnzabar Jungle

The mischievous monoliths of Miandriss

The clinging mists of Kymoria

The powerful molten metal of the Voc-Khal Peaks

The enigmatic arcane Endurium of Estalycia

The floating city of Phomparr

The silent spirits of Solemoore Woods

The sorcerous silt of Olsaan

The esoteric monasteries of the Etholician Monks

The lone obliterated tower of Ulaam of the One Eye

The grasping overgrowth of Gymynda

The puzzling portals of Pomdaria

The giant battlegrounds of Gormthal Peaks

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