A few game resources can be found here:

5E D&D

5E D&D Travel Rules – A set of rules modified for adding some difficulty for travel and journeys for 5E.

5E Round-By-Round Initiative – A 5E variant for initiative based off of rules proposed by Mike Mearls.

4E D&D

4E D&D Action Pyramid – A simple graphic to pass on the concept of player actions in 4E.

City Chase Skill Challenge with a Flow Chart – House rules to run a city chase scene as a skill challenge with branching routes.

Coin Parcels to Treasure Chest Reward Rules – A house rule system to use an abstract form of treasure. With example values up through Heroic Tier.

Combat Initiative Cards – Simple printable cards the DM can arrange to keep track of who goes when and access basic combat-related information at a glance.

Geek Ken Combat Manager Sheet – An initiative tracker with space to write down defenses, HPs, and other conditions, designed to fit on a sheet of paper.

4E Condition Markers – A simple sheet with various condition markers.

General RPG Stuff

Dread Card Alternative – A way to replace a block tower in your Dread game using a standard deck of cards, with some tweaks.

Sci-fi Adventure Generator – A random sci-fi adventure generator. Can be used for just about any space opera type game.


Fiasco Setup Cards – A few sheets that can be printed up, cut apart, and filled in. Should be enough cards to cover your typical 5 player game.

East Sea Ire – A Fiasco playset. A sleepy Korean island village, nestled on the international sea border of its sister country to the North.

Savage Worlds

Savage World PC Cheat Sheet – A Savage Worlds cheat sheet to cover the mechanics of the game.

Savage Sun!– A Savage Worlds conversion for Dark Sun. I managed to track down the person responsible for the bulk of the racial text and the individual that did the foundation to much of the conversion, Rich Ranallo. You can dig through Savage Heroes to find his original conversion.

Savage Worlds Dark Sun Encumbrance Sheet – A character inventory sheet to keep track of items and equipment for a Savage Worlds hack of Dark Sun.

Savage Worlds Conversion for Traveller – A brief set of rules to use the Mongoose Traveller RPG book for your Savage World game.

Savage Worlds Traveller Weapons and Armor – Charts for different weapons and armor for your Savage Worlds Traveller game.

Planetary UPP for Savage Worlds – A more structured system to generate planets using the sci-fi Companion for your Savage Worlds game.

Planetary UPP Google Spreadsheet – A Google spreadsheet for quickly generating planetary UPP profiles your Savage Worlds game.

Travel Rules for Savage Worlds – A set of rules I’ve modified for adding some challenge to travel in your Savage Worlds game.

Terrene – A fantasy setting for Savage Worlds.

Terrene Map – A simple hex map of Terrene.

Wargames Stuff

5150: Star Army Unit Cards – Unit cards Star Army:5150 using the Chain Reaction rules from Two Hour War Games. Also includes a scenario asset investment tracker.

Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada Battle Log Scoring Tracker – A basic Battle Log scoring tool you can print and cut out for your Firestorm Armada games.

Geek Ken Firestorm Armada QRS – A quick reference sheet for your 2nd ED Firestorm Armada games.

Firestorm Armada MARS Sheet – A very simple MARs summary sheet for 2nd ED Firestorm Armada.

Firestorm Armada Terrain Sheet – A small reference sheet on terrain effects for 2nd ED Firestorm Armada.

Bolt Action

Secure the Sector – A scenario for Bolt Action designed to replace maximum attrition. Based on controlling table quarters, the player has to capture as much territory as they can while minimizing their losses.

Bolt Action House Rules – Various house rules I use for my Bolt Action games.

Bolt Gun Action – A conversion of the wonderful WWII miniature wargame, Bolt Action, into a sci-fi setting, with some very minor tweaks to the rules and units.

Bolt Gun Action QRS – A quick reference sheet for Bolt Gun Action, a sci-fi reskin of Bolt Action.


Campaign System changes for Frostgrave 1st Ed – An alternate campaign system for Frostgrave that adds some strategy to the out-of-game steps, as well as try to even out warband advancement among players.

Wound System for Frostgrave – An alternate system to track wounds for soldiers and creatures in Frostgrave instead of using health points.

Board Games

Terminal Most Wanted List – A MWL alternative for Netrunner now that Fantasy Flight Games is no longer supporting it. It uses a pool of all the released cards and relies on Universal Influence costs.

Netrunner Click-Credit-Counter Tracker – A play aid listing both corp and runner actions for Android: Netrunner along with a click tracker, all on sheet the size of a single card. In addition a few trackers for either 1 or 5 credits and virus counters (or tags, bad publicity, etc.) are included. Print them out on cardstock or sleeve them, throw in a few coins or counters, and they should work reducing the number of tokens needed for your game.

Zombicide House Rules – Some house rules for the base Zombicide game, tweaking shooting and vehicle combat, along with a means to heal and respawn dead survivors.

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