Category: Saturday Spark

Saturday Gaming Spark: Haze City Noir

The city never sleeps, nor gets a glimpse of the sun, choked off from atmodust. It was some egghead’s plan to stave off global warming by throwing reflective particulates into the air. It worked but the constant gloom seems to feed the lowlifes and criminal parasites. But that also means plenty of work for private dicks with a functioning gravcar and a license to carry blaster rods. Link.

Saturday Gaming Spark: The Ivory Refuge

A remote town deep within the Blood Canyons, the Ivory Refuge is a blessing to the travelling merchants which brave the marauding gnolls. Known for the pale agates and fist-sized moonstones that the local mines yield, trader caravans are willing to make the dangerous trek to this secluded community to gain access to these prized wares. Link.

Saturday Gaming Spark: Lush Vale depot

An idyllic spot for refueling and maintenance of starships, Lush Vale is a pleasant detour. Nestled on a moon, this agro-colony has become a popular layover for tourist liners and Imperial Scouts looking for more relaxing R&R. Unlike many other outer rim ship depots, Lush Vale offers a peaceful environment ensured and enforced by strict local laws and autonomous security drones. Link.

Saturday Gaming Spark: The Edge district

Shanties and dilapidated buildings surround much of the city proper. Referred only as the Edge by the local residents, the city’s poor and gangs call this district their home. Continual wars among thieves guilds are tolerated by the city guard, provided that they keep their violence to the narrow strip of terrain that skirts the walls. Most are keen to simply throw transgressors of local crime over the edge. A simple means of street justice and an even easier way to dispose of bodies. Link.

Saturday Gaming Spark: Salt Mud Docks

Elders say the oceans nearly covered the world once. All you know is that’s a distant memory. The waters have receded long ago, the world’s seas nearly sucked dry from the Visitors. Now you just try to eek out a meager existence among rusted hulks of great ships that once nestled in a large port.

Darting out at night to get what shellfish you can from salt pools, fortunately the metal husks of ancient ships are great rain catchers, and offer a means to escape any scans from patrolling Visitor drones. Life is hard and any moment that offers respite, you hold it tight, and drink deep. Link.