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FoW: Russian scout platoon

I’ve been (very) slowly chipping away at my Russian Strelkovy division. Originally I had a company of infantry to support my Russian armor force. Having a ton of painted infantry stands made me want to work on an infantry army too but I figured I’d take that as a long ongoing project.

I had some leftovers of tankodesantniki figs set aside (just PPSh-41 armed Old Glory and Flames of War minis). Instead of plopping them on my tanks, I was planning on modeling a few on a thin base in single file so I could have them accompany my tanks and still give them some visual representation they were part of the platoon. Even with a few stands made up I still had a ton of figures so was sort of lost on what to do with them. Looking over the FoW lists, I decided to form them together as a Russian scout platoon for my infantry army.

One approach I was going to try with these minis was a single wash of ink. Before for a lot of my other minis I’d do separate washes, especially a flesh wash just for hands and faces. I figure for this group I’d try to speed that up a bit with one uniform wash for the entire stand. Another point I had was just saying no to having 4-5 models per stand. I opted to keep it to 3 or 4 tops instead. It’s just a crap ton of figures and keeping it 3-4 models per stand really made it easier to stretch out the models I had and cut down the work needed to fill out my infantry companies.

Of course it wouldn’t be my typical painting project without a hiccup. Living in Korea it’s immensely difficult getting my hands on proper DIY materials. And despite looking for a long time, spray primer seems non-existent (I just don’t think most folks bother using it for home improvement). So I spend some cash and bought some Army Painter primer online.

Some warning signs for this can should have came with the Firestorm Armada resin minis I originality primed with it. The primer flaked off and simply did not stick to the miniatures. Although I had washed and brushed the minis, I figured I still had some sort of residue on the models that prevented the primer from taking. Working with the same can I primed the metal minis pictured and was not too pleased with the results. The primer sprayed very unevenly, and seemed to leave clumps of primer flecking on the surface of the figures. Using the spray primer I did the recommended procedures, warmed up the can, gave a good minute plus of shaking, waited for a day of no humidity, and still got crappy results.

I’m not going to completely blast Army Painter. Fortunately, I ran out of primer and used another can of Army Painter primer for some 15 mm sci-fi minis. This new can gave a very even coat of primer. So I suspect I just happened to get a bum can. Might still have to chalk Army Painter up into the ‘questionable’ column (I have used their matte varnish and the results seem okay).

Looking over the Russian scout figures, I was going to go with an initial black wash to ease with detailing the miniatures. As the primer job was sort of botched, I opted instead to use thinned down Vallejo surface black primer. I’ve used similar waterbased primer for my FA ships with good results. It did seem to get into the cracks like I wanted, but the figures still had a bit of a ‘fuzzy’ look due to the primer. I powered on and went to using a few coats of base coats that evened out the surface a bit.

As I mentioned I have taken the route of different washes for the same figure before with my other 15 mm forces. However looking at the literal pile of figures I need to paint for my Russian infantry division, I needed a more rapid way of getting through the minis. So for these figures I went ahead and gave a single ink wash for the entire figure.

Getting them glued onto bases and flocked, overall I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I will likely give other miniatures a dry brush treatment to bring out the details. These are a bit subdued however I think with the uneven surface primer, it might bring out a weird texture look on the stands if I drybrushed these troops. As I mentioned, using another can of Army Painter primer gave me much better results for other figs. I expect I’d just gotten a bum can of primer. Fortunately, these scouts turned out pretty decent. I think having 3 or 4 to a base will also make the project more manageable. Now to get cracking on more stands.