Getting the Band Back Together

Did a big move a little over a year ago and when I started fishing for a potential RPG game COVID-19 hit. So pretty much any hope of getting a game off the ground was going to be tough. Recently I shot a quick email to my old group wondering if they would be up for a monthly episodic game. I was astounded and pleased everyone was eager to play.

The next pickle would be for us to pick out a game to run. I threw out a few potential genres but was set on running a game using the Apocalypse World system. Heavy on narration and light on book keeping, it looked like a good fit for online play. The group congregated around a modern supernatural setting using Monster of the Week.

We are running the game on Discord which looks like it will work. I am concerned with such a heavy conversation game, using a virtual setup will restrict some of the typical rapid back and forth you’d get sitting around a table. However not having to use maps, roll odd dice, push tokens around, etc. will be a plus making a bare bones system ideal for online gaming.

So the gang will be poking around the fictitious town of Brimstone, TX in the near future. Had our session 0 last week and everyone seemed to get into character. I get the feeling everyone is having fun and a regular monthly game looks like its just the right frequency for their social calendars. Now to sit down and figure out what mystery they’ll be investigating. It’s good to get back into the GM chair again.