1/72 Armourfast StuG III

Deciding to field a German infantry platoon for my games I liked the idea of having more typical armor that would support them. Hence for my late war platoon I went with a Panzer IV. However I was keen to have some other options so I felt and assault gun would be ideal.
Armourfast Sturmgeschutz III Apr 12 art
Armourfast offers some nice armor for 20mm and their Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) certainly keeps in line with many of their other kits. It is an easy to assemble model with a fair amount of detail that is a great value for wargaming. The model sports a 75mm StuK 40 L/48 gun so it’s more of apt for mid-late war games. The assault gun also comes with separate schürzen side skirts that can be left off if desired.



However if leaving off the skirts you should be forewarned that the hull has pretty large gaps even with the tracks mounted. You likely will have to fill them with some squadron putty as they are fairly noticeable. There isn’t much stowage bits but there are a few spare tread wheels.

Aside from the hull track sides, the parts of the kit fit well without excessive gaps, and is a snap to put together. All in all it’s a fairly good model. As most Armourfast kits you are not going to get a super detailed model fit for dioramas. Yes there is a decent amount of detail, yet certainly nothing stellar. But you get 2(!) tanks per kit and having the option to field a StuG with and without skirts is pretty nice (or on both if you wanted). They are an exceptional value and great for 20mm gaming that will look good on the table.