Frostgrave in Summer: The Well of Dreams and Sorrows

Our summer Frostgrave campaign is in full swing and I managed to get another game in. This time I’d be going against a Chronomancer. This would be a small departure from my typical necromancer opponents. Last time I fared okay but didn’t really get any treasure.

We were playing a good scenario to get early in the campaign, the Well of Dreams and Sorrows. Basically your regular Frostgrave game with a large well in the center of the board. If your wizard is able to drink from the well you get a whopping 100 XP. But you need to approach this with caution. You will face your demise instantly if pushed into the mysterious pool.

This was another game I got wrapped up in and forgot to take enough photos or get proper notes. Having my stomach full from a tasty brunch didn’t help either. Hee hee, the downside of playing at a restaurant can mean a lot of distractions. At least it was a bit to early in the day for a pint and I settled on having several cups of coffee instead.

My opponent went all out with his warband. A templar, knight, man-at-arms, two trackers, a few infantrymen, and a handful of thieves meant he had a lot of hard hitting troops. I had a pittance of roughly 100 gold in my coffers so I was pretty stretched thin. I picked up a warhound and an infantryman to get my warband up to capacity.

I decided to deploy clustered up behind a group of buildings. Fortunately I was able to cast Reveal Secrets and get a bonus treasure that I could plop down just outside my deployment zone. The other treasures were pretty far though and would take much more effort to reach. I decided to get my wizard to rush the center and bring up my apprentice along one side, with an archer and warhound centered on the left corner. My opponent also decided to have his wizards approach the center. That well was too tempting to drink from.

First turn I approached and a thug was able to scoop up some treasure scryed from Reveal Secrets. I had my archers clamber up into position to cover my advance. I decided to get cocky and have my warhound charge ahead and get up into the face of a knight, while my archer fired off a few shots. No hits and my warhound was dropped almost immediately, but I did get a chance to hold off my opponent for a turn.

That plan went pretty much to naught as my opponent turned around and cast Fleet Feet allowing all those soldiers in clunky armor a chance to get some extra inches in movement. My opponent was able to get within proximity of most of the treasures on his side of the board, meaning more and more creatures might wander in on the table. I ended up getting both a ghoul over on my right, as well as a pair of zombies move in on my left. Unfortunately due to line of sight issues, they decided my warband were the more tasty targets and shuffled towards my men!

Fearing some pop shots to take out my low armored thugs and thieves, I had my apprentice lay down some Fog to cover my advance up to the right. I had my main wizard try to supplement her defense with Enchant Armor which failed. I moved by men up towards the well as did my opponent, while both our wizards lingered some in the rear.

Honestly the game became a bit of a blur as we burned through turns. The approaching knight on my left was a hassle compounded by the zombies going after my archer. He was able to snag some treasure and get off the board while by archer was fighting zombies. Both my archers peppered a few men, shaving off some health but unable to kill any. Fortunately my opponent was in the same situation and I compounded his difficulty some landing Blinding Light a few times.

The right side became a bloodbath, with the ghoul tearing through my men. I scrambled my apprentice out of the way and out of sight to avoid any chance of it attacking her. I managed to finally kill it between shots from my archer and a pitched melee with my soldiers. My thief won out but was severely wounded in the process. The lone thief was easily picked off by a few enemy soldiers that were able to close in.

In the center of the board the chronomancer stepped up and drank deeply from the well. I had my man-at-arms attack and bogged the wizard down in hand to hand. I decided the tempting offer to drink from the well was too much and spent a critical action sipping from the well myself. Another soldier entered the fray with my man-at-arms, won the combat, but did no damage to my soldier. I was a bit smug with my plans but forgot an important rule, the winner of the combat could break off or push their opponent away 1”. He promptly pushed my soldier into the well, instantly taking him out of the game!

Wanda was no slouch in combat however. I turned my attention to the chronomancer and was able to land Blinding Light on him. Eventually he was able to dispel it but my opponent decided his wizard had enough and ran behind some cover. Between shots from my archer and her wielding a magical weapon, she was able to dispatch any remaining soldiers. Pretty much free and clear, my wizard and apprentice ran off to try and secure some treasure. They both were able to fend off any enemies and frantically tried to position themselves for casting spells.

In the end with quick movement and Leap spells my opponent was able to get 4 treasures off. I was able to get my wizard set to carry off some treasure. A swift cast from Push got her to the edge of the table, but there were no more turns and I was stuck holding it, just out of reach from getting back to base camp.

Another game where I managed to secure the board, but unable to seal the deal and get treasure off the table. Push helped get troops out, but it’s simply too difficult maneuvering them afterwards to get into a good position to get them off the table. I knew Transpose could not be counted on, but it’s really hurting not being able to shift troops around with that spell either. I can’t bitch too much as most of the game I was able to get initiative and finally able to cast a fair number of spells. Drinking from the well helped too, and from previous unused XP, Wanda was able to acquire 4 levels.

For my treasure, I got a little gold and couple of scrolls of Invisibility and Control Undead that will come in handy. My man-at-arms was wounded and both a thief and warhound ended up in a shallow grave out among the ruins. Essentially 3 soldiers down and only a measly 120 gold in my coffers. I’ll have to think some on how to fill out my warband. Being a man down for the next game will be difficult but I don’t think I can quite dump the wounded soldier being so low on cash. Gotta mull on that for a while what I’ll do for the next game.