Wargaming in Seoul – Miniature Zone

Ever on the prowl for wargame stores, I caught wind of this through some folks over at Dice Latte while visiting during a weekend trip up to Seoul. Miniature Zone is a small store near the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Located on the 5th floor of an office building, it’s a compact place with several tables for in store gaming.

Primarily the games played are Warmachine and Hordes, with some Infinity thrown in. The store stock carried represent those games pretty well. Some historical gaming is also done with Flames of War pretty popular among the playerbase there, but mostly that’s people bringing in their own models over product carried by the store. They also sell a pittance of board games, and the more recent releases of Magic are available (but cater more towards the local Korean language).

The shop itself appears to have a limited stock. They focus instead on fostering an online community and encouraging online orders. Folks can leave messages to the staff on minis they want on the community forums, and they’ll make an order through their distributors. Because of this, the hours of the store are very limited. From about 12 to 10PM on the weekends you can find folks there. However during the week it’s best to pass trying to visit.

During the weekends however it hosts quite a bit of in store gaming. There are lockers players can rent out to keep models and gaming gear (which is pretty nice to avoid hauling everything around every weekend). They have a few tables available with a decent amount of store terrain.

One thing I’ll note is the Korean staff were very friendly and willing to chat in English. They seemed eager to answer questions and willing to welcome new blood into the local tabletop fold. The place doesn’t seem a bad choice if looking for space to play miniature wargames. However be mindful it appears to be pretty much your typical local game store dungeon (not too clean and not too organized).

For directions, take subway line 1 getting off at the Hankuk University stop. Leave the metro station through exit 6. You will walk to the first block and go right. Entering the first building on your left through a door in the alley, go up 5 flights to the shop. It has a corner view of the street below. Be mindful there is no store sign on the building or anything in the stairwell to indicate the store exists. I understand when I visited they were in the process of moving from the 4th floor to the 5th, which likely explains the lack of outside advertising.

If you’ve got list of items you want and willing to wait for a few weeks, Miniature Zone seems a decent option for buying wargaming minis. I’d also consider hitting up the place if you really need some space to play. Clearly some legwork is required on the boards or the Facebook page to drop a line about wanting to reserve a table to play. However it seems to have a friendly vibe to the store, and people willing to have expats part of the regular crowd.