Being a completionist with board game reviews

MassiveBoardGameCollectionI don’t have a huge board game collection. It’s pretty modest. And over the years I thought it better to put up reviews for smaller titles or ones that seemed more the new hotness within the gaming circle buzz I hear. I didn’t feel a need to put up my thoughts for all the board games I own.

However I’ve sort of had a change of heart recently. Looking back, I realize there’s a reason why I’ve picked up certain games. Seems there is more than just being a fun game, but that they have mechanisms that satisfy a type gaming experience I want. They fit within my collection and fill in particular gaps with the types of games I own.

In that aspect I think there is something more to talk about with the games I have. So to that end, I’ll likely start going through my collection and begin to compile my opinions on them. Expect to see a few more board game reviews in the future.