Board game stores in Seoul: Red Dice

RedDiceOutsideI’ve been continuing my trek to catch a few other board game stores in Seoul. Red Dice is a store located in Hyehwa and just a stop away from Dongdaemun, a popular shopping stop in central Seoul. The store is a bit out of the way tucked up on the third floor of a commercial building.

The store is really catered towards Korean board game versions. There are a handful of English versions but the pickings are few. So as an expat and wanting to pick up non-Korean versions of games, you are pretty much out of luck if visiting Red Dice.

Red Dice does shine for a place to play games however. There is a large section of the store set aside with plenty of tables and chairs. From what I’ve gathered it’s a popular venue for board game meetups. As the store offers coffee and snacks, likely they’d welcome people meeting and playing (as long as they made sure to get a few drinks in during the evening).

I visited in some off hours though and I expect it’s a hopping place on the weekend evenings. Red Dice seems to cater to the CCG crowd and given the number of tables, chairs, and wall of lockers people can rent out, playing games in the store is part of its business plan.

A rumor I’ve heard was that this was one half of Dive Dice. It’s sister store split off to be it’s own gaming presense, Rolling Dice. From an expat’s perspective, Rolling Dice is a better shopping stop. Red Dice looks to cater more to the locals and the CCG crowd. I do think it’d be a great place to play however and would be fine to visit if there are any meetups scheduled there. However Dice Latte is still my top place to play board games.
For general directions, take subway line 4 to Hyehwa and get out at exit 4. Take an immediate left and walk straight down the street. Eventually it’ll hit an intersection where it feeds into a main road. Cross the road and follow the side street some. Eventually it’ll be on your right. Look for a store sign on the third floor of a small commercial building (note the outside sign might read as Dive Dice).


UPDATE: Red Dice has moved location and is now a few blocks from where the previous store was. The above pic is good for the general location but the pic below has the new location.