Board game stores in Seoul: Boardpia

So I’ve been on the hunt as of late to check out a few other board game stores in Seoul. Boardpia is a pretty small store located in Mapo which is central Seoul and conveniently just a few stops from the Yongsan KTX train station. From what I could see it looks as it also functions as an online store.

The store stock is pretty split between Korean and English versions of games with a limited collection. They certainly do cater to the cult of the new however. When I visited I noticed a nice selection of what would be considered the new hotness on Board Game Geek. The store also seems to gravitate towards board games and less so of collectible card games.

There also are a few tables for play. The staff of the store were friendly and I felt they genuinely enjoyed board games. I’m still more keen on Rolling Dice for their selection, however Boardpia is pretty easy to track down and not too out of the way from more central subway stops. If I were looking to track down a recent game, this is a store to put on the checklist for visiting.
The store is in the 1st basement level of the Hansin Building. Take subway line 5 to Mapo and get out at exit 4. Walk straight down the street and you will run into the Hansin Building. Take a flight of stairs down into the basement and you’ll find it tucked away among a few other store fronts and offices.

Boardpia Map