Fiddling with the new Shaken rules

ErolOtusDruidA big announcement came out for Savage Worlds that the shaken rules were now being tweaked. Old rules were that if a shaken test was passed, the next turn they could act normally. On a raise they could act normal immediately. The new version gets rid of that with players (and extras) being able to act normal immediately if they pass a shaken test. Raises no longer matter.

I totally dig the new rules. It streamlines the process and reduces the fiddly bookkeeping of that extra passing their test and no longer being shaken, but not really as they still can’t act as normal until the following turn. Conditions now are truly either up, down, or off the table. I like that.

However it does hinder some tactics a little. Typical extras are now sitting on a 50-50 chance they’ll be unaffected by any shaken status players throw on them. Needing a raise to act normally really pushed making that shaken status a more lasting condition. Now it could be treated as a condition which can be ignored given recovery is instantaneous on a success passing a simple Spirit test.

I’m tweaking this some. For all tests to recover from shaken a -1 modifier is applied to the Spirit roll. This is a little nudge to the probabilities to make shaken last a bit longer, especially for extras. They effectively recover on a 5+ now.

What I like about this house rule is that leadership edges like Command and Inspire can have a place at the table. The importance of a D6 Spirit over a D4 for wildcards is lessened some, but there is still a slight advantage having a higher Spirit. Additionally putting a shaken condition on something still allows for a lasting penalty that can be taken advantage of by opponents.

So I’m adding this small house rule to my game. A quick -1 penalty to the check that allows for rapid resolution of a shaken condition and embraces the philosophy of Savage Worlds keeping it fast, furious, and fun.