Waygeek, a Korea-centric gaming blog is breathing again.

1280px-Dice_typical_role_playing_game_dice-270x270A long while back Waygeek was a new blog set about trying to cover the gaming scene in Korea. It’s name was a playful take on the Korean word for foreigner (waegukin) and geekery. It petered out as a lot of blogs do. The original site shut down and it pretty much faded away.

That’s changed though and it appears a lot of the old content has migrated into a brand new site. Seems a group of folks have now committed to making it the gaming and geek central site for Korea. Dabbling in RPGs, board games, cosplay, shows, and other bits of geek culture, looks like they cover a lot of topics. If you are an expat looking for fellow gamers, shops, and getting the gaming pulse on this peninsula, you’d be remiss not to check them out regularly.