Revisiting Dark Sun

A long while back I ran a Savage Worlds game using the Dark Sun setting. It was a fun game but we hemorrhaged a lot of players and decided to wrap it up. Since then I got a new group going (with a few long time players). They jumped into the weird west and occasionally dabbled in a 1920s Cthulhu game. However both of those campaigns eventually took a serious tone. I think we all wanted something with a little more action and a setting that embraced adventure a tad more.

Many of my players found the idea of a Dark Sun game intriguing. It’s fantasy but with a twist. The setting is dire but certainly allows for heroics. While they’ll entertain being mercenaries for a bit, I suspect they’ll heed the call for a higher, grander purpose. I totally expect a few sorcerer kings to be on their hit list. Dark Sun just really grabs their attention.

As for me, I felt I could certainly get more ideas for adventures flowing in this setting over my weird west game. So we’ll be visiting the scorching deserts of Athas soon using Savage Worlds. Something I’m really looking forward to.

Joesky Tax
Here’s a small mundane item you can throw into your desert-themed fantasy game…

Ember Water – A red, spicy, vodka-like drink made from the seeds of cactus. The thick round seeds are the size of a halfling’s fist and have fruit inside of a dark red color, with each pulp section covered in a soft, pliable, translucent membrane. A single fruit pulp section is placed in a shot glass of water. The coating of the fruit bursts due to osmotic pressure and much of the membrane dissolves in the water, allowing the fruit contents to mix. The result is a peppery drink of 30-40% alcohol that has a clear, deep red color.

The fruit and pulp seeds can be eaten, however while they do have some moisture and posses a high alcohol content, they are unpleasant to eat having an exceedingly bitter and spicy taste. If diluted in less water, the liquid is flammable but the drink becomes more bitter and is unpalatable. Yet some scoundrels have been known to make flammable firebombs in such a manner.