2014 state of blog address

Abraham_Lincoln_2nd_Inaugural_AddressEarlier this year marked a big milestone hitting 300 posts. Since then another year has passed by and I looked over my blog stats to get a feel for how 2014 went. When I first started blogging I was really focused on 4E D&D and doing a lot of posts related to running my games. That petered out some as I began to post my other gaming interests, including miniature wargames and board games. So looking over the traffic for 2014, I’ve come to some conclusions…

RPG posts are popular – No surprise here but RPG posts are the ones that get the most traffic. As I’ve waned some on posting RPG-centric posts, a decline in traffic has been noticed too. My wargame posts are likely too much of a gaming niche (and too generic) to garner much interest from folks.

D&D is king – I’m certain another decline with blog traffic is my shift away from D&D. I also realize there’s a draw to hearing about people starting campaigns, and tackling issues of running a game with a new system is narrative that resonates more than rehashing past games. There’s probably more of a drive for information about wanting to learn about playing a new game, rather than reading about systems they are comfortable running. I expect a popular topic for a lot of RPG blogs in 2015 will be stuff on 5E. There’s no getting around that.

Savage Worlds has some bite – I’ve been more focused on running Savage Worlds and the posts and reviews I’ve done for the game get a fair amount of traffic. Seems a couple of blog aggregators for Savage Worlds have also picked me up. Having a review for Broken Earth highlighted over on PEG’s site helped some too. Currently my group is happy with switching genres and going with more episodic campaigns, so SW fits the bill with keeping a uniform generic system for flipping back and forth with different games.

Board game reviews are decent – Despite not having the reach of RPG posts, board game reviews certainly have a draw. I throw my stuff up on Board Game Geek so that certainly doesn’t hurt drumming up traffic. I tend to review games I’ve vetted some before picking up for my collection. As such most of them are games I like. However occasionally I buy something on a whim and at times get a few lackluster games. I also dabbled a bit posting about various kickstarters, but unfortunately I seem to get a flood of requests to promote other campaigns. I’d love to highlight more stuff coming out in the community, but I do this as a hobby and with my limited time it’s hard to commit to promoting different crowd-funding projects.

In summary, I dig 5E and am eager to try it out but right now my gaming group is keen to do other stuff. I made a commitment to trim back my RPG purchases and only buy books I will play. I broke that getting the 5E Starter set but at $20 it’s pretty hard not to bite. I’m holding off getting the hardback books though. Playing 5E just isn’t in the cards for me right now.

Heh, I’m certain I’ll also lose a bunch of followers switching over to WordPress too. However Blogger just wasn’t doing it for me any more and I was having a hard time getting things to work with G+. I still need to check out a lot of my older posts, but for the most part everything seems to be working okay with the transfer. So I’ll just be chugging along here with posts on miniature wargaming and board games, occasionally throwing some RPG stuff into the mix. Unfortunately as I’m all over the place with gaming, it’s hard to capture an audience, especially as folks seem to have a primary interest in RPGs. I just have to accept I’ve slipped into being a tiny blog about gaming. And I’m okay with that.