Firestorm Armada terrain and MARs summary sheets

Some big news from Spartan Games is that they’ve opted to release all of their games as free downloadable pdfs. I completely understand why they did this. Likely they looked long and hard at the costs associated with printing, publishing, and warehousing hardback books and figured it just was better to go the digital route. I figure they are pushing more to sell their models as a revenue stream over selling rules.

As a long time rule book buyer for Firestorm Armada I’m a little torn. On one hand I’m happy as this will certainly get more people playing the game. On the other hand I feel a little burned buying another book that is released later as a free pdf. This happened for version 1.5 and now with 2.0. I guess on the plus side, I can finally take a peek at Dystopian Wars and Planetside without having to pony up any cash.

As the new pdfs are available, I revisited my QRS and updated it with better scans of the charts. While I was at it I also made a simple terrain effect summary sheet to get all the terrain rules on a single sheet. I decided to also whip up the MARS rules onto a front and back cheat sheet. I still need to figure out how to tweak that sheet some as there is a ton of white space. Both are really bare bones and fugly, but at least you can get all those rules at your fingertips to pass around the game table. All of this stuff is also over in the downloads section. Enjoy!


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