British PIAT teams – Italeri anti-tank teams

I’ve been getting the finishing touches on my British platoon for Bolt Action wrapped up. I wanted some anti-tank assets and was in a pickle for finding a PIAT team in 20mm. Hunting around I found some anti-tank teams from Italeri that looked like they would do the trick.

They weren’t quite perfect though. One ding was I was also getting quite a few models for other armies in the kit that I wasn’t working on (and the included German troops were redundant). The other was the troops were paratroopers and not typical British army troops. However one thing I like about Bolt Action is the game adopts an attitude of under-strength platoons with a mix and match force composition. I could easily see the PIAT team as misdropped paratroopers hooking up with an army platoon the initial days of the Normandy campaign. If anything, it’s encouraging me to pick up some paratroops for another force, or possibly include a small group to represent veteran squads.

The plastic itself is pretty stiff. However, it’s just a tad soft and not quite the material found in Plastic Soldier Co. kits. Overall the detail is decent. Some of the molds are blurred though. The kneeling figure has his knees clumped together in a blob, with no real definition for the legs. While most of the webbing and pack kits have a fair amount of detail, some of the packs and excess gear is a little blocky. The faces and helmet netting are somewhat sparse on detail also.

The poses are okay with the firing and cocking figures done well. There are two figures in a running pose with extra rounds that form the rest of the teams. They seem a little odd, but the sculpts capture a dynamic pose okay. It might be considered a little mismatched with the other firing and cocking figures that are in a static pose. Another small gripe is the figures look a little big for 1/72. The Italeri minis are larger by about 2-3mm compared to the 20mm figures from Plastic Soldier Company (pictured below right)

Despite my complaints, overall I’m happy with the figures. I’ve got my PIAT team, the figures look okay and look like they can take a little wear and tear on the gaming tabletop. I wish they were regular army uniformed troops, however I have to admit I am eagerly awaiting painting up a squad or two of paratroopers now. They’d make a great small contingent of veteran troops for my British platoon.


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