Standing mountain counters for Runewars

I was in the mood to pick up an epic wargame and decided to get Runewars. The 1st edition had these special map tiles with slots in them, so you could place these cardboard inserts that represented mountain ranges through the tiles. From the looks of pics I’ve seen it gave the board a neat 3D look. The 2nd edition that I picked up didn’t have these inserts which wasn’t a big deal.

Looking over the board though, I realized although the borders for mountains are just marked with red symbols. Things can get a little cluttered in each map hex. It might be cool to use some kind of marker or token to make the mountains stand out more. After punching out all the game tokens and tiles, I sorta got an idea. See the cardboard stock for the counters and map tiles are pretty thick. You get a lot of leftover material from the game. So why not put them to use?

I cut out sections about the size of the tile edges. The problem was to consider how I could make them stand up. The most ideal solution would be to cut slots in each piece and glue smaller parts of cardboard to provide support for the long flat edge. Instead I took the lazy way and scored one side of the cardboard, and then folding it some on the opposite side. After making another fold (scoring the opposite side and folding in the other direction), I made the straight edge now sort of zigzag which is enough for the pieces to stand on their own.

The edges and cut sections were a lighter color. So I went ahead and gave a quick dab of dark paint. I also did this to any of the cardboard sections that had some portions with lighter colors from grassland and water sections of the map tiles. Also, I used PVA glue to seal up the scored folds in the cardboard and repair any splitting ends.

Overall I’m happy with the results. Obviously I could have gone to town painting them, but I wanted a simple marker for the mountain ranges that weren’t too distracting of a color. A nice thing about the shapes is that they easily slip into a small zip lock bag and don’t take up too much box space. Hope folks find this a useful tip.


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