More Than a Game – Board gaming in Bangkok

Occasionally I get to do some international travel. While I don’t actively track down game stores, I certainly will jump at the chance of checking one out if I stumble across it. The last time I visited Bangkok, I was pleasantly surprised to find a local board game cafe at a mall near my hotel.

The cafe does not cater to the late hour gamer, closing at 9 PM during the week and at 10 PM on the weekends. However they do open a bit earlier ready for the lunch crowd every day. The place is well lit, with several tables in a nice open area.

There is a decent selection of games for sale and another full shelf of games for playing in the store. The cafe has a membership which allows regulars to spend time in the establishment playing games. However if purchasing a few drinks, you can also get a 3 hour chunk of time to play games which seems more than enough.

You’ll certainly want to entertain getting something to drink and eat too. Coffee in the typical variety of serving choices are available as well as other non-alcoholic drinks. There are some nice desserts and a few key sandwich choices too. I have to say the waffle desserts are especially tasty. The staff was very friendly and eager to engage me when I came in. Given that they were willing to chat to a foreigner in English was a plus.

From my understanding one of the co-owners is an expat and wanted to try their hand at introducing board game cafes in Thailand. The staff explained that these type of game cafes are slowly becoming popular. And I’d say it seems like they are running a place with some great potential. If you get an opportunity to travel to Bangkok and are close to Chulalongkorn University, More than a Game is certainly a pleasant way to spend an afternoon over some coffee and board games.

Roomy tables.

Well lit tables at night.

Games for sale.

And games for playing.

A closer look at the games you can play.

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