Asteroid terrain for Firestorm Armada

Living in a Korean city I have an exceedingly hard time getting DIY materials. There just aren’t huge outlet stores like you see in the west (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.). So getting my hands on construction material is a bit of a chore. Also, living in a city means that landscaping material is pretty much impossible to get too. Folks live in apartments so there is literally no customer base here for that type of stuff, hence it’s difficult to pick up gardening supplies.

I think it would be exceedingly easy to pick up pumice rocks or wooden chips as landscaping material, give it a base coat, drybrush highlight, and get a set of great looking asteroid terrain pieces for Firestorm Armada. However I’m sort of stuck with not being able to get material like that easily (or cheaply). So I started looking for alternatives.

Fortunately, I was able to find an art supply store that had nice supply of styrofoam balls of various sizes. With a bit of compressing and a paint brush handle, I was able to add a bit of texture to the balls once I cut them in half. After quick base coat and wash, I have a nice supply of asteroids to put down on the table.

I also picked up some larger balls that I’ll use for some planetoids. They are a somewhat smaller than the typical planet terrain listed in the FA rule book. You can see one of the larger styrofoam balls in the background for this image. I’ll likely give them a very simple paint job, and despite the smaller size I think they give a neat 3d look compared to a cutout template.

One thing you’ll notice is that I have my asteroids on black felt. As with many of my war games, I am a huge fan of felt. I really like using them to mark roads, woods, fields, rough terrain, etc. I like having very clear boundaries and with FA it’s the same. I can easily layer the felt to create as big a field as needed and have a few smaller sections to make more odd shapes. What really works for this is that I can freely move the asteroid terrain bits around on a set base, allowing models to maneuver where they want, without worrying about altering the perimeter of the field.

Still thinking of possibly adding a few dabs of paint to the felt to give it that star field look. I’m planning on picking up some other colors like a nice purple for nebulas. Now I’ve got some terrain completed, it’s been calling me to get some fleet battles going.

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