15mm Sahadeen troops

So I’ve been dabbling in 15 mm sci-fi models a little. I’ve been really lucky being able to get models shipped overseas through Rebel Mini’s directly. As I posted earlier, I worked on a platoon of Earth Defense troops that painted up pretty well.

This time I got some other troops from the Sahadeen line. I like them as they make pretty good rebel forces or some type of irregular troops. I might try dabbling with different tech troops and having some models on the lower end of that spectrum would be nice. One thing I’ll admit, I’m still stuck in the mindset of base coats with washes and highlights. I really should try just sticking with emphasizing highlights through drybrushing with bright contrasting colors. The colors on these guys are a little muted with a single wash.

What I like about these sculptures is that they’re based on the Earth Defense models, showing some armor, but have a type of cloak over them. This gives the models a little more flexibility in the type of troops they represent. I can make them a high tech mercenary group, or make them poorly armed insurgents, all depending on the wargame ruleset.

The troops have pretty good detail on them. I’m a tad lazy though as I liked using a single wash for the mini and then going back to dry brush a few details. I decided on a simple ballast flock for the bases. I think with the color scheme of the figs this type of flocking material goes well. However, I had to give another coat of matte finish to help with keeping the material sticking on the base.

You’ve got a decent variety of poses. With most of the command troops being armed with pistols. I’ve opted assuming they are machine pistols, treating them as a type of SMG.

The squad assault weapon troops are pretty nice with big meaty guns. I like the goggles they have also.

I also picked up some heavy weapons models. This sniper team below I ended up putting on a larger 25mm base.

Below is another NCO-type of leader along with a rocket launcher trooper.

For this platoon I put them on a 20mm plastic base. It’s a tad large but I like them as there’s plenty to grip moving them around. I might go back to a few and add more detail to some of the bases. Having it just a bit larger allows me to throw in some details without making the base too crowded.