15mm Earth Defense marines

A way back, I was pretty deep into 40K but several moves and a lack of desire to play meant I dumped my minis and rules long ago. Occasionally I get a pang to jump back into it again but that passes within 5 minutes and I gleefully go on to collecting and painting other stuff. I’ve got a fair collection of Flames of War armies and been really enjoying painting up Firestorm Armada models and terrain (not to mention Bolt Action). Lately however I’ve gotten this serious itch to get back into sci-fi skirmish gaming.

I’ve picked up a few rule systems over the past year and will likely get a few more reviews (or thoughts) up on the different rulebooks. A bit slower has been the accumulation of minis for actual forces. Rebel Minis has some nice stuff that is very reasonable and also have platoon sets which is great for filling up a decent size force pretty quickly.

I’ve got about three different groups I’ve picked up. One group are Earth Defense Marines, a pretty standard soldier type group with a decent range of heavy weapons and command figures available. above is a pic of the figures primed (next time I’ll throw a basic wash on the figures to give a bit more detail).

I decided to embrace the idea of a single wash and went with a nice shade of green ink. Base coats of varying colors, including a light gray for the weapons, seemed to work well with the single wash. A final drybrush on the armor and a dab of lighter color for the helmet visor was given as a final touch.

I snagged some 20mm round plastic bases that fit the figures pretty well. It’s a bit more area on the base than I’d want, but when flocked it tidied up nice. Another big plus is that the bases are a tad less finicky when handling and shuffling around the tabletop. I’m pretty happy how they turned out. Sadly I just didn’t really get into the detail much on the figures. These EDM minis really have a decent amount of detail for 15mm. Certainly has me itching to get some more squad skirmish stuff going.


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