Plastic Soldier Co. – German heavy weapons

Some time ago I posted on some German infantry I’d gotten from Plastic Soldier Co. As I was wanting some other specialty units, I opted to also get some German heavy weapons teams for my force.

The 1/72 scale figures in this kit are well done and have a nice amount of detail, just like the German infantry minis. There are 6 troops armed with panzerfausts for some extra AT options. Aside from Panzerschrecks there are multiple models for 8cm and 12cm mortars. There are also MG42 teams with tripods in the set. While I think some of the multiple teams are redundant for your typical Bolt Action force, there are some theater selector lists that allow for more heavy weapon units. I also suspect that upcoming scenario books for Bolt Action will have some expansion on the limits for particular team weapons.

I am hoping this company considers going into 28mm more. While I think some of their model kits are a tad lackluster at larger scales, the German kits are great and would likely be a very competitive buy over other manufacturer’s models.