Digby’s Wondrous Arcane Wares: Will-o-wisp Lantern

[A shriveled gnome travels the lands in a ledge wagon drawn by an old donkey. The cart itself appears as a simple shack of knot ridden boards with tarnished brass fittings precariously perched on four solid wooden wheels. The gnome claims to be none other than the famed mad alchemist and mystic, Digby. Such a fanciful tale is likely just a ploy to sell enchanted trinkets as it would make the gnome well over 500 years old. However one cannot deny the gnarled form is surprisingly deft and almost spritely in step as he moves about his shop. Nearly every village or city within the lands will have Digby come for a visit during the year. When doing so he always makes a simple camp out at the town border, opening his stock of arcane goods to whomever passes, and eagerly offering tales of the magical items of Dungeon World].

Will-O-Wisp Lantern

touch, 0 weight

This plain brass lantern has a large open face and a stub of candle within. Engraved on the worn handle is a single word in dwarven flanked by unusual runes. When held aloft and the word is spoken, the lamp alights giving off a bright light equivalent to several torches. The candle within the lantern does not ‘burn’ nor give off heat. The ghostly, white-blue light can only be extinguished if the engraved word is spoken again.

What is particularly amazing about the lantern is that once lit by the command word it will hover in place when released. If the speaker moves, the lantern will follow at a leisurely pace, hovering and always remaining within 10 feet. If a weight greater than a single coin is placed on the hovering lamp it will descend and rest on the ground, still giving off light. Attempts to tie a rope or use the lantern as a means of levitation will fail.

If another person touches the lantern, aside from the person that spoke the command word, it will immediately extinguish itself and crash to the ground, awaiting to be lit again by the magical word inscribed on it.


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