Wild Dead West – Savage Worlds campaign

My roleplaying days have waned a bit over the past few months. We took a long break playing a lot of board games, including running a campaign session for Descent. Then some of my players had a sudden transition with their employment, so half the group up and moved to another city. Not to mention me taking some time to visit family on a long holiday, so it’s been a break for me running RPGs. While folks were interested in getting back into roleplaying, they decided to put our Dark Sun campaign on hold and try another genre.

During that time I’ve discovered the wonderful 6th Gun comic and immediately wanted to try a weird west setting. I realize Deadlands was always an option for a Savage Worlds game, but I really liked the setting a bit more in 6th Gun. There is the supernatural but it’s not quite as overwhelming as Deadlands seems to be. I wanted a bit of steampunk like the Wild Wild West, just nothing too gonzo like Deadlands has.

So I settled on the Wild Dead West, which has one foot firmly planted in the Deadlands setting but not quite following the official plot points of a full campaign. It’s certainly the weird west but recognizable without the twisted landscape. And while supernatural creatures are certainly responsible for strange stuff that goes bump in the night, humans are likely the most dangerous villains about. Folks seem excited about it. As a new campaign, I’m certainly excited. I’m also shooting for something more episodic, so if we decide to take a long break, it’ll be easier to pick up the campaign again if we take a break and try other games for a while. If anything, it’ll make for some fun blog posts. Hope folks enjoy some of the tall tales that will be coming up.

[On another note if you aren’t doing so, consider giving Obsidian Portal a whirl. It really is a wonderful campaign tool for your game.]