Armourfast Cromwell Tanks

As I’ve been wrapping up my British platoon for Bolt Action, I wanted to get some armor to add to my force. For 1/72 scale there are a lot of options however I stumbled across Armourfast Cromwell kits and found them a nice buy. For a little over $12 you get two models in a single box.

The Cromwell tanks assemble pretty easily. It’s very much a wargame level of detail. The treads wheels are pretty simple in their representation on the tank. However the hull has a fair amount of detail for the hatches and such. The turret fits pretty snug and can be removed. For Bolt Action games I see this as a plus as destroyed tanks are kept on the table. As I’m working on some flame markers, might end up popping off the turret and placing a huge flame marker on it to represent a destroyed tank.

There is a small gap in the side where the main hull sits over the treads when looked at from an upwards angle, but the gap isn’t too noticeable looking at it from the side. Another gripe I’ll have is the hull machine gun. There’s a housing for it, but no modeled barrel (unlike the coaxial mg in the turret). So I had to model my own using a pin wire. Nothing too difficult but a little disappointing. CromwellA

Another small bit is that the inside tread wheels are hollow. At a low rear angle, the rear treat wheel appears to be a free floating hollow cylinder.CromwellRearWheel

I’ve got a Plastic Soldier Co. British soldier as a side comparison for the dimensions of the tank. The Cromwell is nicely scaled (mind you the figure is on a pretty thick 2mm base) and looks appropriately bulky and menacing.CromwellInfantry

It’s been ages since I worked on tanks this scale. You can tell by the sparse detail I put on the tank markings. I might have to go back and touch up some more detail on the hull and treads. Here I gave it a wash and dry brush of mud on the treads which looks decent. For the price, you get a great set of tanks with good detail.

I will go on a rant here. I’ve noticed on a few of my photographs some white dots that would come out when I adjusted the contrast. With a large painted surface here, I definitely noticed white specks on the tank after I put Army Painter anti-shine varnish on it. Despite warming the can, spraying on a day with little humidity, and shaking the can well, I’d get these specs of white. Some could be brushed off, but some due to the matte spray were stuck on the model.

Now it looks like the matte spray is a clunker too. They seem to have nice paints, but I am not going to bother using their spray can products any more.CromwellB