300 posts

If you’d asked me in 2009 if I’d still be blogging in five years, well I’d probably be shaking my head. RPGs and gaming are fun pastimes, but I figured I’d be running out of things to post and chat about. Seems I am a long-winded blowhard when it comes to gaming.

Now that the Lunar New Year is coming up, I’ve been reflecting a bit on my blog. While the focus of the blog has become more diverse from when I first started, it’s still very much a place where I get to talk about games. I like that and found blogging has actually has kept me engaged more in the hobby. I’ve gotten a chance to chat and interact with a lot of great people over the years and hope fans of my blog can still occasionally find something here worthwhile reading.

Thanks for being part of this. Here’s to another 300 posts.


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