Firestorm Armada QRS

One nice thing about Firestorm Armada when it first released was the great quick reference sheets that were included in the rules. Sadly, when the hardback book rolled out there was no updated QRS. Now the second edition is out and no word if another reference sheet will be available.

I’m not too keen with the charts in the back of the current book. There are a lot of small details throughout the rules and it’d be great to have a summary of the various table charts. It just seems the ones in the rules are sort of sparse. I really enjoy having a good summary section when I get one (cough…Bolt Action…cough) and it makes me wonder why more rules don’t have them in their books.

I decided to whip up one myself. It’s not going to win any awards for layout but it’s functional and I tried to keep it on a single front and back sheet. Hopefully I made no glaring mistakes with the rules.

The new book presents the rules pretty well but I’ve always liked having a reference sheet to jog my memory. Plus having some critical charts handy (especially the battle log points/penalties table) is ideal when I play. Hope people get some use out of the sheet here.


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