Zvezda British MMG and mortar teams

Still slowly finishing up by Bolt Action British platoon. As I mentioned a while back I went the route of 20mm using minis from Plastic Soldier Co. which is a great buy. The downside is there are not many options for other specialty teams. Finding something at 1/72 scale was a bit of a challenge.

Fortunately for me Zvezda has a range of kits for their own wargame system. The models are nice hard plastic and assemble very easily as they are designed to be snap together kits. I still used plastic cement to keep them firmly assembled. The teams also are mounted on a larger plastic base. So I opted to have mine split up on individual bases.

Overall the models are more in line with an early war uniform scheme, including gas mask satchels. That is a slight problem as most of the Plastic Soldier Co. models I have are in late war gear. However it’s not too disconcerting. Overall as a comparison to Plastic Soldier Co. the models are of the same height, but they do have a slight build compared to the other miniatures.

The Vickers MMG comes with a gunshield on a tripod mount. Not quite sure if that was standard issue with the weapon. So that is a bit of an oddity. I also opted to use a more uniform color scheme for the gun itself. I used the plastic base that came with the kit and altered the mounting so the base would provide 45 degree firing arcs. Just an easier means to handle LOS issues in games.

The mortar team depicts the 3 inch mortar. I might cheat and shed a team member to get some flexibility with the model, waffling between a light and medium mortar team as I toy around with my force list. It’s not quite proper, but I tend to have opponents that don’t might slight proxies with models.

They are nice models and pretty cheap. The detail of the main figures are a little muted. Additionally they are certainly geared more for an early war theater. As specialty teams it’s not much an issue, but I would be hesitant using their infantry sets to round out a force of other models (unless you wanted something like an engagement during Dunkirk).