Free Firestorm Armada Battle Log

So I have been absolutely inspired lately to do lots of Firestorm Armada-themed stuff. I’ve been working on fleet lists. Also I’m finally getting the itch to work on my Relthoza fleet (might still hold off though as my German platoon and British Bren carriers are giving me sad faces). Needless to say, the game has been on my mind a lot lately.

2E has introduced the battle log. As you destroy fleets, you earn points and lose points for losses you incur. For the most part it’s a form of tracking victory points. However you can also give up points for other strategic aspects of the game. Spending battle log points can improve the chances of calling in reserves. If the difference in points is over 10, command checks are easier. Overall it allows for more accurate tracking of victory conditions and I dig it.

The bum deal is I’ve got no way too keep track of points other than using pen and paper. I expect Spartan Games will release a super cool battle log tracker sometime. However I prefer to get something I can use now, rather than waiting a month or so. So I present here Geek Ken’s Battle Log Tracker, a simple version you can print, cut out, and get to the table right now. It’s simple, functional, and best of all absolutely free. Hope folks find it useful for your games.


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