British platoon complete(ish)

Been chipping away at my Plastic Soldier Co. Brits. Finally got the bulk of my platoon done, including a field artillery observer, sniper, medics, NCOs, etc. along with the regular foot soldiers. Still have a MMG and mortar team to paint up, along with a paratrooper PIAT team. Once I get my Bren carriers done I should be finished. So a tad more to do but the end is in sight for that pile of unpainted plastic on my bench.

While I had bitched some about the lack of detail for some of the figures, they really did turn out pretty well. Overall I’m happy with how the platoon painted up. I was super lazy with these figures sticking with a single sepia ink wash. I might revisit them with some more highlights via dry brushing. Will have to consider that. For now, they are sealed and ready for the table. Now I have to consider working on my Germans…