Zombicide house rules

I enjoy Zombicide. I don’t feel it’s a fantastic game but it’s enjoyable. There are a few fiddly bits with the game that I don’t care for. One huge issue is the shooting. Mechanically it’s too unforgiving with the targeting priority. While I do think survivors should be at a risk in getting hit, the automatic hits applied to them is too much.

Another thing I don’t like is that with every player using a single survivor, it’s possible they can get eliminated and have to sit out the entire game. Zombicide almost works better with 3-4 people playing instead of 6, as you’ve got some survivors to pass off to another player if one of them becomes zombie chow.

So I made up some house rules. One big change is the shooting. Players are not automatically hit. Instead missed dice from shooting attacks are passed to the survivor in the target zone. On a 1-2 they are hit. I like this as there is less of a chance a fellow player will be hit, but the threat is still there. For weapons that roll a lot of dice (like submachine guns), this can be especially deadly. While a single shot weapon like a pistol are less likely to hit another player.

I also have a rule for players getting a chance to get their last survivor back on the table. It seems the new expansion for Zombicide circumvents this with a zombie version of the players. I think that was certainly something good to add to the game. For as light as a game this is it’s no fun sitting out a game, especially when Zombicide can run a little long. So I have something similar you can also use in the base game.


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