Painted Plastic Soldier Co. British

A short while back I talked about British minis from Plastic Soldier Co. which I thought were okay. The detail on the figs are pretty good but I have a few issues with them. I’ve been slowly painting up my platoon and been making fair progress.

I’ve been using Vallejo paints which has been a fairly new process for me over traditional paint pots and I did go through some rough spots. However I’m getting more comfortable and able to achieve uniform consistency with them now (should look into making a wet pallet). I’ve gone with a complete sepia ink wash for the minis to save a bit of time.

I also might have to go with single figure photos in the future and/or invest in a better camera. Still getting out of focus shots, not to mention I need a better lighting setup. Please forgive some of the crappy pics.

The backpacks have a fair amount of detail, but there is no crease in the miniature separating the top of the pack with the back of the figure, so I had to stick with painting my own line.

Some prone bren gun teams with a firing and loader figure .

Overall I’m happy with how the figures are painting up. For the price, it’s really a great deal and the models do paint up well (despite some grumbles I have with some of the detail).