Plastic Soldier Company: British Troops

Slowly I’ve been making some progress with my Bolt Action troops. One manufacturer I’ve been gushing over is Plastic Soldier Company. They have pretty decent minis. However from my understanding the sculptures are done digitally. Hence the figures for 15mm are the same for 20 and 28mm. While they can get a lot of mileage out of the plans that way, at higher scales the detail in the figures get a little muddier.

I’ve picked up some WWII British from Plastic Soldier Co. and I’m pretty happy with them. However you really get more detail from the raised portion of the models. Creases, folds, and lines tend to get blurred some. For my British, this is especially noticeable with the back of the models and the packs they are wearing, where there really isn’t a nice fold in the miniature separating the depicted pack. If you look closely in the picture below, the kneeling figure has the stock of the rifle sort of blurring into the shoulder and arm some.

I’m certain this has been one reason why the jump to 28mm hasn’t been fully done yet. I do know some wargaming sites were floating around the blue boxes (28mm) to be released later in the year. Those have dried up and it looks like just the Russians are out. The red boxed 20mm seems to be the scale they are focusing on now. Maybe they’ll wait and see for the Russian figure line before going too heavy into 28mm.

The figures are pretty good though with a decent mix of poses and troop types. There are a few prone Bren gun teams, along with command and radio teams. The figures I have here were primed white with a wash of thinned black primer.

You get a good mix of regular troops and a few NCO types armed with sten smgs.

There are even sniper and medic figures.

Still you can’t beat the prices for these miniatures. I got a full platoon (66 figures) of British for $17.50. The going price for the 28mm kits (with over 50 models) is about $28. Compared to the price of the Warlord sets of $45 for 40 troops, it’s a great deal.

I’ll freely admit that the Warlord kits are fantastic. You really have lovely figures in those sets with a lot of potential variety of poses and the quality is top notch. However if you are really on a budget, it can be a bit steep. Having a cheaper alternative out there (especially if you wanted to dabble in another army) would be great. I hope Plastic Soldier Co. considers getting into 28mm more. As for 20mm scale, I’m very happy with my purchase. It was well worth the investment.


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