Bolt Gun Action: a sci-fi themed version of Bolt Action WWII rules

I’ve gushed quite a bit about Bolt Action and how it seems to scratch my itch for WWII skirmish gaming. The game can be well…. very gamey in handling combat. It isn’t a simulation rule set and it handles a lot of situations in an abstract way, not to mention a lot of wild mechanics. Also some can slip into min-max armies when crafting their force lists. Still it captures platoon-based action pretty well and also plays fairly quick without getting bogged down. It hits more high notes than flat ones, making it an enjoyable set of rules.

I’ve taken to it so much, it’s really spoiled me compared to other rules. I just haven’t found something that combines random dice order activation with a pinning mechanic quite like Bolt Action. So I figured why not just slap a sci-fi theme onto Bolt Action and see what comes out of it. The result is Bolt Gun Action. This isn’t a complete re-writing of the rules. Instead it’s pretty much the very same WWII game with some very small tweaks.

Rather than trying to get an entire point list together of new troops, I’ve defaulted to using a single army list as a baseline for points. Rifles are the normalized small arms. Basically it’s the game right out of the book with a smattering of new troops and added HQ options. I’ve also whipped up a quick reference sheet with the added rules included.

It’s pretty fun. Just your regular Bolt Action game with a few changes. I’ll likely give the rules another pass in a few months, but for now feel free to pilfer the links and I hope folks get some enjoyment out of these rules.