The Agents: a Card Game on Kickstarter

I’m sometimes on the prowl for new games through Kickstarter and a recent campaign really got my interest. The Agents is a turn-based card game that has a great theme and looks to be an interesting take on card-based mechanics.

Developed by Saar Shai, players take the role of independent intelligence groups controlling recently disenfranchised agents. Without clear instructions, these agents try to navigate a new world where they go to the highest bidder in a world of secrets, deception, and treachery.

As a player in the game, you are trying to accrue a set number of points employing a group of agents that is shared among your opponents. A really neat feature of the game is that the orientation of the card dictates how it plays for both you and your opponent. Most agent cards have abilities tied in with a particular role. If you want to use that ability, you are offering your opponent points. If you choose instead to gather points, the ability of that agent is now under direction of your opponent.

Not only are points needed to win the game, but they are also used as a currency to buy more agents and missions. With constant swapping, removal, and addition of agents, you get this constant ebb and flow of points. It seems to have some interesting ideas and looks like a lot of fun.

I’d be remiss to mention the artwork from Danny Morison. It captures a gritty feel with a touch of sci-fi, almost giving the game a near-future dystopian feel. The game rules and a print and play version are available. The Kickstarter campaign has a few weeks to go however they have already secured project funding. It might be a great time to pick up the game and maybe get a few additional stretch goal goodies. At $18 for the base game, it seems a nice deal for an engaging card game with a great theme.


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