Firestorm Armada Free Rules

It just seems that Firestorm Armada news around the industry sites have been dropping off. If anything, Dystopian Wars/Legions seems to have captured a lot of folks’ imagination and has new products rolling out pretty regularly. Well it does indeed look like FA is DOA as the rules for the game are available for free online at the company web site.

Unfortunately the pdf does not have rules for the fleets and ships. Fortunately for fans the excellent site, Black Ocean, has got files for all the fleet ships available. Be sure to visit their site and snag them.

I liked FA. While it was more a naval war game with sci-fi trappings rather than a full out space simulation warship game, it captured that feel for me and used pretty simple mechanics. I liked the maneuvering for position and trying to move into ideal firing arcs. My only complaint was that many of the fleets felt a bit too similar, but the MARs rules somewhat addressed that. And for the life of me I never understood why they didn’t adopt a racial fleet system like an earlier version of the MARs rules that were floating around online.

Sad to see the game on the decline and for sure I expect that the line will evaporate in the next few years. It’s odd with the popularity of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek, that space naval games seem too much a niche genre to get any traction with gamers. Well if you like free stuff (and a fun game to boot), be sure to pick up the FA rules.


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