Going the route of a comment-less blog

I’ve opted recently to remove comments from my blog. Long ago I felt it was a great way to drum up traffic and interact with people. I’ve tapered off the number of posts I’m putting up every month. In addition to that I was not really using tools to regularly keep up on new comments. Because of that, a few comments in the past got caught up in my spam filter.

How I interact with people online has changed and grown beyond my blog. I dabble regularly on twitter and G+ (click the buttons to the right). I’ve found as I frequent those more, and along with hashtags and communities I can promote posts and have a forum for more intensive discussion. Just utilizing comments here doesn’t cut it any more.

I have been exceedingly fortunate in never having any trolling comments for my blog. I’ve always gotten great comments from folks. Probably the most harsh one I had gotten was related to my city chase skill challenge post which I completely deserved (had to delete it due to foul language, but they very rightfully and succinctly pointed out my folly for depending on spell check too much and that ‘lose’ and ‘loose’ are not interchangeable).

I have had a problem with spam. Most get caught up with the captcha, yet I’ve had to resort to moderating comments over 30 days. My spam filters are pretty good, but I still get a fair clip of spam comments. Which makes me wonder about the effectiveness of keeping that up on my blog as a feature. I don’t think it is. Too much spam. Too infrequent with me checking up on my posts. I’d rather have discussion on my blog topics elsewhere. So I’ll stick to keeping this as a place to shout out my idiocy/thoughts on gaming. I encourage folks to add me on twitter and G+ and feel free to rant about this blog, especially on those social media venues.


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