Terran battle cruiser and fleet complete

So a long while back I had assembled and primed my terran fleet for Firestorm Armada. It’s been slow going but I got around to completing them and thought I’d post some sequential photos of the battle cruiser as it was painted up.

For my terran fleet, I went with a 2 color scheme over a metallic base coat. I wanted a little contrast with these models compared to my sorylian fleet (which were effectively different shades of green).

I managed to pick up some inks finally and gave the entire model a black ink wash. This really added depth to the metal base coat. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with inks and some of the raised surfaces are a bit too expansive and flat. Took up as much excess as I could muster, but still got some pooling on the flat raised portions of the model.

Wasn’t too worried about the ink pooling much as I intended to give the areas a thorough dry brushing. Usually I drybrush the base paint coat, or possibly a shade lighter in tone. This time (as with my cruisers) I opted for much lighter tint. It gave the ship a really weathered look and especially brought out the blue sections.

Here is my assembled fleet. You can notice a big difference in the shading with the three cruisers as I didn’t use inks with them (just a wash of black paint). I think the inks really carry a lot more intense pigment and add a fair amount of depth to the minis.

I’ve gotten a bit burned out with ships as I cranked out two complete fleets. Not to mention my Sorylians took forever as I painted the frigates a few different base coats to get the final paint scheme I wanted. The terran fleet has a more ragtag, battle-worn look compared to them. Overall though, I’m happy with how they all turned out. Now I need to get some game reports in sometime!