Have a happy New Year

Hope folks have a wonderful New Year and have a bit of time off right now to enjoy seeing it in with family and friends. Not to mention getting a few games in over the holidays. Here’s to another year and I wish everyone a prosperous one.

I usually shy away from new year resolutions, but I think I’ll try to adopt one. Buy RPG books to play. Over the past few years I’ve been picking up books for the sake of reading them. Very slowly I’ve been accumilating rule books that have neat ideas, but I’ll likely never get a game going. No longer.

This very likely means I’ll unload quite a few books, but for now, I am only buying RPG books that will see the table. No more dabbling in other systems. I expect getting more source books for stuff I have (looking at you Mr. Savage Worlds), and may very well not bother with a lot of new stuff on the horizon (au revoir, Mr. DnDnext).

Ahem… what’s this 13th Age stuff here? Oh my, how very shiny. Tee hee, we’ll see how well that resolution holds up.

(I’ll leave folks with an image of the 2012 Seoul International Fireworks Festival. Blatantly stolen from Robert Koehler’s photo blog. Be sure to give his stuff a peek. Some amazing pics of Korea there.)


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