Firestorm Armada: Terran cruisers

For the most part unlike many of the other models I’ve gotten for Firestorm Armada, the Terran cruisers are kind of ‘blah.’ They really don’t have the detail of other models from the Terran fleet line (sadly I think the Terran carrier model is a little lacking too). Because of this, I opted to try a two color scheme.

To speed up the washes, I put down varying base coats for different parts of the mini and then applied a black wash to the entire model. For the metallic base coats this worked well, especially the gold portions near the engines. A little less so for the other sections of the ship, however. I really need to pick up some inks. I think they will likely have a much more uniform distribution of color compared to thinned out paint washes. I’ve tried gathering up much of the wash that pools on the upper parts of minis with another dry brush but I still get some spotting.

To get around the excess pigment from the black wash, I’ve done some liberal high contrast highlighting. It’s given the models a very weathered look. I like it, but I’m not sure how the entire fleet will look doing something similar. Likely it’ll look almost too much of a rag tag fleet. I might tone down the dry-brushing for the other ships a bit and stick to just the raised edges.


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