Announcement of Sparta Studios

A quick newsflash of sorts. Studio Starta has been annouced from the folks that make Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars, and a favorite of mine, Firestorm Armada. It looks like they will be working on various games in the Firestorm Armada universe with many different games and scales being released involving ground warfare. The concept is a series of games related to a planetary invasion, moving from 10 mm, 15 mm, up to 28 mm depiciting various types of scenarios (from mass combat of combined forces to small skirmish battles). It’s a pretty ambitious range of games and figures.

I do wonder about the competition though. 40K seems to be the 800 pound gorilla for futuristic skirmish-type mini games (not to mention a few others like infinity and alternate history settings like Dust: Warfare). As for sci-fi large scale battles with combined forces, Dropzone Commander has made a recent splash. Thier models do look gorgeous, although I’m balking a bit with the prices.

Seems a year or so ago, the 10-15 mm range was wide open for a major sci-fi game. Games Workshop dabbled in it a bit with different games, but the core following of that universe seems to enjoy the heroic scale and skirmish type battles. With Dropship Commander however, I think things have gotten a tad crowded for Spartan Games.

I do admit however that thier idea is pretty interesting on the different ranges and types of battles they want to mimic with various rulesets. I’m not too keen on the 10 mm armor combat but the 15 mm scale battles sound fun. I’ve been wanting a more sci-fi themed game for 15 mm stuff. Love Flames of War but dabbling in a different genre for that scale of minis would be a nice break. I guess time will tell. However, if they can link it to a larger campaign mode incorperating Firestorm Armada, they might have an interesting hook to draw in some players.

[HT to the Shell Case for passing this news along.]


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