Fiasco setup cards

I’ve always been a little intrigued by Fiasco but never quite got the gumption to pick it up. Catching the most recent Tabletop episode by Wil Wheaton definitely perked up my interest more. Once I get a few games under my belt I’ll likely throw up some thoughts. It’s taken me a few read throughs, but I’ve come to appreciate how elegant the game is.

Interestingly, getting folks from other cultures into the mix might be a bit of a challenge. My wife is a fan of many films by the Coen brothers and would likely get the vibe of Fiasco. However trying to describe your typical American small town suburb environments and inhabitants will likely garner some blank stares. I might have to tweak a playset to something with a hint of Asian trappings for it to be more recognizable if she wants in for a game.

One thing I wanted to do was speed up the setup a bit. I like the simplicity of using index cards, but I think having a few sheets of paper that could be filled in and quickly cut apart might be more serviceable. For some additional durability, I’ve been considering using self laminated sheets and dry erase markers too. I whipped up a PDF for some setup cards that can be printed out. There are 3 sheets, some name cards that can folded in half, a sheet for relationships (one too many for a standard game, but figured an extra wouldn’t hurt) and another covering a location, need, object, and 2 tilts. I also have some blank ones as wild cards for extra elements, just circle which one is represented (need, object, etc.).

Hope folks get some mileage out of them.


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