Terran battlefleet primed

Slowly finishing off my Sorylian fleet so I got my next fleet prepped and primed. Usually when I pick up a minis game I work on two forces. I do this so in a pinch I have the models on hand to teach someone else how to play. Typically I’ll go a bit deeper in one force.

I had not gone through the rules of Firestorm Armada extensively and didn’t read up on the fluff of the game before picking up my forces. So I came to realize later that in the FA universe the Terrans and Sorylians are allies. Hee, looks like I might have to stick to the ‘first contact’ timeline if I wanted to play out truer scenarios to the official canon of the rules.

It’s not a big deal as you can easily play and fight how you want, however I do think that certain fleet doctrines and technologies are directed towards more traditional enemies. I’ve got a few games under my belt and don’t think it much of an issue, but I might try using one of my fleets as a proxy for another race to see how they match up. One nice thing I like about having 2 different fleets is that I can plop down anything and call em whatever race I want. Definitely some room to explore the different races and fleet types.

As for the Terran models, they are pretty nice. They have a fair amount of detail. I especially like the battlecruiser. It’s a nice model bristling with guns. The other ships are a bit blocky and I like the contrast to the Sorylian models. If I’m disappointed with anything, I’d say the cruisers are a bit weak-looking. They just don’t seem to have the detail of the others.

The frigates are pewter, so they can hold a lot of detail despite the small size. However I’m surprised for the resin cruiser models that they don’t hold similar detail to the battleship (which is also resin). I have a Terran carrier and have to say the model is also bit blocky and sort of bleah. Might have to consider doing some alterations for that mini.

Not quite decided on the color scheme, but likely try a simple 2 tone paint job. Some of the models will need a little extra to make them stand out. The Sorylians had a nice overall shape and enough details that a wash and dry brushing could bring out. So I was happy with using different shades of green as base coats and an overall single color wash. For the Terrans, I’ll have to mix it up for certain.


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