Sorylian fleet…done

Got my Sorylians wrapped up finally. Overall I am pretty pleased with the models. I have to say I think I did not give the battleship justice though. It really is a lovely model.

It’s been a learning experience with vallejo acrylics. I’ve gotten down maintaining a good consistency for base coats. However, I’m still not working out the washes quite the way I like. Bit too much pigment adhering to the elevated parts of the model and a tad too much pooling. Trying to get the excess off just right. However the highlights from drybrushing manage to make for a good touch up.

I’m excited to get this on the table. Will have to try and get a game in sometime, but my regular wargame partner is off for a long holiday in the next few weeks. Till then, I’ll likely have to sit down and get around to writing up my thoughts on Firestorm Armada (short version, some kinks in the game but a lot to like). Looks like a second edition will be out soon, so I’ll have to make that a priority.


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