Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The lone, obliterated tower of Ulaam of the One Eye

Few sorcerers of legend carry a name that both inspires awe and incites dread than that of Ulaam of the One Eye. The human spell practitioner is claimed to have hailed from the icy north, an outcast of the nomad tribes. Not much is known of his past. Some claim that he was a medicine man of prominence with his people, but vied for power and attempted to wrest it from the warrior chieftains of his tribe. Others state that his power and insight into the magics of the world set him at odds with the simple nomad warriors that revered the power of muscle and steel. Fewer still state that his lust for power caused him to look to gods of other beings. That it was his dabbling in the powers of Gruumsh which resulted in the loss of his eye, and his resulting banishment from his lands.

Rumors of his calling towards the darker arcane arts had always haunted Ulaam of the One Eye. His manner was always recorded as detached, distant, and sought little in the company of others. Even the more benevolent acts he had committed ridding strange beasts and vile monsters from the civilized lands were marred with whispers of him obtaining odd trophies from the slain creatures. His most revered act of defeating the evil wizard, Al’Khameed, still to this day have some claiming it was primarily jealousy and a desire of obtaining similar dark powers that drove Ulaam to battle him.

In his last years, Ulaam of the One Eye became more reclusive. He constructed a simple tower and created a force of golems to protect him and act as servants. He refused all that sought his counsel, and took to having his powerful golems ever patrol the fields that surrounded the tower to ward off visitors.

Some claim that these last years were when the sorcerer delved deeper into the mysteries of the black magics. Fewer even speak that powerful artifacts of the god, Vecna, were in his possession, that his final efforts were to decipher the arcane powers within these vile instruments of the evil god in an attempt to prolong his life. Such claims are supported by the rumors of cemeteries from neighboring villages being raided by golems of flesh and earth.

None really knew the direction of his arcane research, save that one black night under the new moon a tremendous explosion was heard. The lone tower where the reclusive sorcerer resided burst into a bright green configuration. Flaming chunks of stone and mortar were seen hurtling through the night sky in high, trailing arcs of embers and smoke.

The next day, a handful of brave souls had travelled to the remote tower to see what had happened. In the distance, they could see the sundered tower. The top shorn off and one side completely missing, with the remaining stonework a gutted, blackened, scaffold of the structure. Some wanted to inspect further, however the lumbering creatures Ulaam had created to secure his isolation were still seen patrolling the grounds, seemingly oblivious to what had become of their master.

The tower to this day draws adventurers. Many rival wizards have financed large companies of sellswords to breach the defenses of automatons and seek what became of Ulaam of the One Eye. Despite efforts to destroy the arcane constructs, their forms seemingly reassemble the following day, and begin their tireless duty walking around the tower.

The few that have managed to investigate the tower found nothing within the destroyed remains. Although some claim that beneath the tower’s foundations, some secret chambers are still intact. Within might be some powerful artifacts acting as a source of magical energy that seems to continually restore the golem guards. To obtain such a power, and study its secrets, is something that many spellcasters covet deeply.

But there are still greater mysteries of the tower. What happened that night long ago? What great calamity befell Ulaam? And what happened to the remains of the great sorcerer? Questions to this day remain unanswered, and what some scholars claim are key to unlocking the great mystery of the magics that remain in play around the tower ruins.

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