I think I’ve made a huge mistake…

Way back I used to play Battletech. It was a fun little wargame and I always enjoyed the combination of tactics with heat management. Likely explains my past love of Star Fleet Battles too. However, between the two I don’t think I’d ever sit down for a game of SFB again. As for Battletech, it always seemed a bit more approachable, plus I enjoyed painting the figures.

I recently picked up the introductory box set of Battletech from Catalyst Games. Likely get a review up over the next month or so (quick version: nice set, lots of decent minis and stuff in the box). Of course now I’ve got a hankering to dip further into the game. Looking at the Total Warfare book. Considering picking up infantry and tanks. Not to mention an entire slew of modeling projects for terrain.

I’ve got that itch. I have to resist the urge to scratch it. I’ve got a few other painting projects like my Firestorm Armada fleets, not to mention my Flames of War Russian infantry company has been looking at me with all those sad little eyes. Think I have to give them some attention soon. But giant robots with big shooty things, it’s the new shiny on my paint bench and hard to ignore.


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