Expeditions of Amazing Adventure: The sorcerous silt of Olsaan

The far western reaches are wild lands. Olsaan is the most civilized region bordering the great kingdoms, likely simply due to its proximity to many trade routes rather than from the people that call these primitive woods home. The many elves, halflings, and even the sparsely numbered humans that live there all seek to try and make a claim within the wilderness. They form a diffuse network of small, fiercely independent, villages and communities among the dense woodlands.

The deep soil of Olsaan is said to have been blessed by the gods for fertility. A claim supported by the bountiful yields of crops from those able to plow through the solid rock. However, few fields can be completely cleared of heavy stones that litter such plots. Those stalwart enough in farming to do so find the ever encroaching woods not worth the effort to maintain large tracts of farmland. Instead generations have learned that smaller plots are more manageable and has become the typical custom for those few that farm within Olsaan.

The many rivers and streams however have been able to cut deep into the bedrock, disgorging the deep soil hidden below. These streams are of a rich muddy color, with the dark earth forming a fine silty bottom in streambed pools. The silt from these rivers and streams is greatly prized. It forms a reagent base for many magical pigments and can be used in the inks of arcane texts. Some have even claimed that the ingestion of this dried mud will infuse the spellcaster with even more powerful magics, although such a boon is temporary.

Exploitation of this natural resource is difficult however. Bullywugs are notoriously known for infesting the many streams and rivers with foul, makeshift camps. They seem to be a constant presence along the rivers and have been known to harass local villages if they feel their aquatic territory is being encroached on.

Others will claim that deeper into the wilds, more primitive forces move about the rivers. After several pints around community fires, tales speak of the very mud itself rising from the bottom of turbid waters, forming hulking, primitive man-like forms. These great primal elementals of earth and mud wield tree trunks as clubs and savagely fight any that they encounter. Likely a story told just to keep children from wandering too deep into the woods, and to keep those less adventurous types from seeking to secure some silt from the deep rivers. Such silt, when dried and placed in a clay urn, would likely bring a small fortune to those willing to brave the wilds and strange creatures of Olsaan.

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