Happy New Year!

It’s lunar new years so I’ll be busy stuffing my face with relatives and not likely be posting much new stuff for a bit.

I’ve always found Asian mythology pretty interesting. Their dragons have a different legend associated with them. Dragons in Asian cultures are typically more benevolent and tied with prosperity compared to the horrible beasts of Europe. The Korean dragon is different as it is more of a chimera of animal characteristics, with the eyes, teeth, ears, and such from particular animals.

I haven’t really tried out an Asian-themed D&D campaign. I might try doing that sometime. It might make for a very different break from the typical medieval structure of most fantasy games. Demons are particularly common as well as evil spirits, so that might be a nice focus for an evil villain group aside from the regular orcs and goblins.

True Asian dragons might be difficult though. But I’ve been thinking their alignment might be towards particular races or even the fey. Korean dragons commonly have strong roots with agricultural spirits. So while they are not evil, they might be a problem for players serving as a powerful ally for other races. I’ll have to think about that and maybe dip my toe into an Asian-themed campaign in the future.


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