Secret Santicore 2011 is available

Zak S., the guy that runs Playing D&D with Porn Stars, came up with a pretty nifty idea. Send in a generic D&D campaign idea and roughly how many pages you’d take up in a publication. A raffle for slots would be taken up. The winners would be notified and then have until the 3rd week of December to submit their material. It would be packaged up in a nice pdf and be available for free.

Secret Santicore is out and available at Giblet Blizzard. Most of it is geared towards OSR, but a good chunk is fairly system generic. And I dare say about 99% of the book could work with a 4E game with a little elbow grease. It has a ton of ideas, tables, and fodder for your game. Not to mention an old pal of mine that runs the excellent blog, the Fearless DM, has got some of his stuff in there.

I salute the guys and gals that got this together. You all did a fantastic job and nod to Zak S. for coming up with the idea. I’ll have to try and get into this next year if folks consider doing another one.


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